Our Promise to You

Mark and Joan Haas and the Zounds Hearing of Madison staff want to help the world hear better with superior technology at an unmatched value. This is what you can expect when you visit our office ..read more ›


Better Hearing and Speech Month: Helping people communicate

MADISON (WKOW) -- Hearing loss is a major public health issue that is the third most common behind arthritis and heart disease. May is Better Hearing and Speech month. On Tuesday May 19th, Mark Haas from ZOUNDS Hearing of Madison stopped by Wake Up Wisconsin to talk about the effects of hearing loss. See the interview. ..read more ›


Zounds was founded by Sam Thomasson

an Engineer and entrepreneur who has spent his career developing new technologies in the medical device and consumer electronics industries. Sam is also the father of a hearing-impaired daughter and has witnessed the problems associated with today’s hearing aids. ..read more ›


Bill B. of Kissimmee, Florida

I’ve tested several hearing aids, but was never satisfied before Zounds. As a Dad and Grandfather sound clarity is important to me and my family. With Zounds, I heard an immediate difference. ..read more ›

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Our Promise to You.

MarkJoan_2014_HmpgWhen you visit ZOUNDS Hearing of Madison, you can expect outstanding service from a licensed hearing professional in a relaxed, friendly environment. Our goal is to help the world hear better with superior technology at an unmatched value. This is what you can expect when you visit our office:

  • Our ZOUNDS Hearing Consultant will test your hearing for free.
  • We will counsel you on the results of your hearing test, and make recommendations from those results matched to your needs.
  • We will custom program a device from the results of your hearing evaluation, so you can hear for yourself what your life can be like!
  • We keep inventory on location, so you can leave our office hearing better in two hours or less!
  • We will NEVER recommend something that won’t benefit you.

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Trouble Hearing in Noisy Environments?

Zounds Hearing Aids provide up
to 90% cancellation of unwanted background noise.

We invite you to hear “The ZOUNDS Difference” for yourself! Listen to The ZOUNDS Difference by clicking directly on the image to the right or click here to compare sound files to hear for yourself the ZOUNDS difference.

Hearing Aids Madison, WI - Imprezo Zounds Hearing Aids, Hearing ClinicNever Buy Batteries Again!

One of the biggest complaints we hear from hearing aid users is the cost and hassle of changing batteries.

Zounds designed a custom rechargeable battery that lasts all day.
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