Our promise to you

When you visit ZOUNDS Hearing of Madison, you can expect outstanding service from a licensed hearing professional in a relaxed, friendly environment.  Our goal is to help the world hear better with superior technology at an unmatched value.  This is what you can expect when you visit our office:

  • Our ZOUNDS Hearing Consultant will test your hearing for free.
  • We will counsel you on the results of your hearing test,
    and make recommendations from those results matched to your needs.
  • We will custom program a device from the results of your hearing evaluation,
    so you can hear for yourself what your life can be like!
  • We keep inventory on location, so you can leave our office hearing better in two hours or less!
  • We will NEVER recommend something that won’t benefit you.

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MarkJoan_2014Our Service Promise

Once you become a member of the ZOUNDS family, you can expect to receive the highest quality service and our commitment to work side by side with you through your adjustment period.  Our commitment to your continued enjoyment of Zounds amplification is just beginning.  Our LIFETIME commitment to you:

  • Free annual hearing tests
  • Free adjustments to your hearing aids
  • Free clean and checks of your hearing aids
  • Free battery replacements

Directions to ZOUNDS Hearing of Madison:  Take the Old Sauk Road exit off the Beltline (US 12 & 14) and head west.  Our Hearing Clinic is located in Old Sauk Row Shopping Center just west of the Beltline near the intersection of Old Sauk Road and Junction Road.  Contact us today for an appointment!