Zounds’ commitment to continual innovation and the advancement of hearing technology can be found in each of our products.imprezo_r_img

With 57 distinct patents – and more being added all the time – Zounds excels at noise reduction, feedback cancellation, improved clarity and true rechargeability. All Zounds hearing aids cover the spectrum of sound up to 8000 Hz, providing Zounds wearers the ability to better understand speech. There’s digital, and then there’s Zounds digital. Experience the Zounds Difference for yourself!

Zounds Hearing Aids Worth Wearing Madison, WIOur hearing professionals can help guide you in finding the hearing aid that is right for your unique needs, starting with a free, comprehensive hearing evaluation by one of our experienced hearing specialists. With three comfortable fitting tips to choose from, there is no need for messy ear molds.

The Zounds hearing aids listed below can be custom programmed and fitted in less than two hoursget better hearing today!


With its unprecedented sound quality and extended battery life, the Imprezo’s state of the art technology is again revolutionizing the hearing aid industry. Click here to see IMPREZO features


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The Enza is a premium digital hearing aid that fits completely in your ear, offering a truly customized fit with outstanding technology.   Click here to see Enza features


clarezaZounds premium Clareza™ Hearing System features ground-breaking technology that sets the bar for digital hearing technology. Click here to see CLAREZA features


potenzThe Potenz power hearing system is no ordinary hearing aid. The aid features a high power custom receiver in the canal, providing high fidelity …  Click here to see POTENZ features


riazoRiazo’s digital technology, engineered to provide longer battery life, gives you the peace of mind you need to enjoy everyday life. Four adjustable channels tune the listening experience…  Click here to see RIAZO features