Testimonials on Hearing Loss


ZoundHmpgBanner_800x400_testimonial1“I didn’t really realize what all I was missing until I got my Zounds hearing aids.  Now have more confidence when in a group of people, at restaurants, weddings, church, etc.  I don’t miss out on what my grandkids are whispering or saying to me.  Truly my hearing aids are nothing short of a miracle!”  Caroline, L.  Verona, WI

“For 13 years of hearing aid experience, the Zounds aids are by far the BEST yet!”  Tom M.  Verona, WI

“I love these hearing aids; people, service, and price are great.  Wonderful added bonus; no hearing aid batteries to buy!”  Sue A.  Blue Mounds, WI

“Excellent service and staff!”  Dick C.  Madison, WI

“Friendly staff.  Fair price. Good service.  Good location”  John J. Waunakee, WI

“I have been most pleased with the excellent support I’ve been given as I acquaint myself with this device.  Friendly and efficient!”  Barbara H. of Madison, WI

“Since I first came to Zounds, I have been consistently satisfied.  The affordability and quality of the hearing aid is a plus and I have recommended Zounds to other people.  I particularly like and appreciate the battery charger function, which eliminates a good deal of managing the hearing aid.  I appreciate the courtesy and availability of the office and the audiologist!”  Giovanna J. of Madison, WI

“These are wonderful.  It was noisy in church with children making a lot of noise.  I used the party mode and it cuts out most of the noise so I can hear the pastor.”  Kathy H. of Madison, WI

“With the condition of my right ear I am amazed that the device works so well.”  James T. of Madison, WI

demoscrnshot1“Savings and quality of product is very good.  Highly recommended.”  Garry W. of Cross Plains, WI

“The staff has always been helpful, and has worked with me to make sure the aids both fit and worked properly.”  Andy K. of Verona, WI

“Very pleased with the equipment.  Customer Service is excellent.  Excellent follow-up program.”  James E. of Madison, WI

“I didn’t realize how much I was missing all these years.  Thanks ZOUNDS crew for a great job.  The Zounds are much better than others I tried.
P.S.  The wife really likes them too.”  - Jack R. of Wisconsin Dells, WI

“Expertise of audiologist is outstanding!  All staff care about you as an individual and are very personable people.  All staff are very cordial and make you feel right at home!  I feel like I have known the staff all my life!  Zounds hearing aids are convenient to use and an outstanding product.”  –  Roger S. of Middleton, WI

Zounds_GuitarMan“As a professional musician, I must depend on a good sound and good sound and quality hearing aid when performing concerts. Throughout the years, I have tried various aids.  Recently I heard of Zounds Hearing and I was impressed with the new technology they had to offer and I went in for free hearing exam. Mr. Douglas Spear, Clinical Audiologist, worked with me and within a few minutes, I was impressed with his finding and he fitted me with an Imprezo hearing aid.  It truly has amazing voice and sound quality was the best I have ever tried. I was then introduced to the many features that came with the Imprezo aid.  This is a must for those that wish to try a new hearing aid with reduced background noise, no feedback squeals and a sound that can be controlled with a remote.” – Tony L. of Nicholasville, KY

“We have researched and tried many different hearing aid options and are very pleased to have found Zounds! You have the best of technology with a professional audiologist combined with warm caring and honest owners. They will take good care of you!” - Rebecca Z. of Madison, WI

“Very happy I heard about ZOUNDS, as it has made work and home enjoyable.  Have recommended to other people.”  Tom N. of Madison, WI

“I discovered ZOUNDS Hearing Aids in May 2013.  I was able to try them out for a month and found they improved my hearing considerably!  I purchased my hearing aids in June, and have enjoyed them ever since.  The quality of the sound is very good, and I can hear people extremely well.  The hearing aids are adjusted with a small remote control which I carry with me at all times.  The hearing aids and remote control are recharged in a plug-in unit each night.

GrandPaandChildI find the office staff very friendly and professional, and they are willing to work with me to schedule appointments that fit my schedule.

…I am very happy with my Zounds Hearing Aids!” – Beth E. of Mt. Horeb, WI

“Four months ago I purchased two new Zounds hearing aids.  Their performance has been very good and most satisfying.  I have the units that are for individuals with moderate hearing loss.  The batteries used are rechargeable and I do this every night on a charger provided by the business where purchased.  They also provide a remote control device which can be used at various places to help reduce a noise factor which can be very irritating.  No more batteries to buy, and a great cost savings.” - Jerome K. of Monona, WI

“Well pleased with everything!” –Lee B.  of Monona, WI

“Courteous and helpful appointment meetings.”  - Donald B.  of Fitchburg, WI

“Service has been excellent!”  - Robert H.  of Waunakee, WI

“I can’t believe I am hearing sounds as I now hear them!”  –  Robert O.  of Janesville, WI

“Very helpful and work well with patient.”  - J. S.  Madison, WI

“I have had hearing aids before Zounds, and they all ended up going into my dresser drawer. The feature I like most about Zounds, is that it has a rechargeable battery.  No more battery replacements. The remote is handy in different environments.  I am very pleased.” Sargon A. of Richmond, KY

“I am very happy with my Zounds hearing aid. This is my first time using one. I never knew what I was missing. The birds are singing happily and I can hear them loud and clear.” – Violet G., of Richmond, KY

“I’ve tested several brands of hearing aids, but was never satisfied before Zounds. As a dad and grandfather, sound clarity is very important to me and my family.  With Zounds, I heard an immediate difference. I also cannot say enough about the quality of their customer service. You can tell they really do care about you.”- Bill B. of Kissimmee, Florida

“These hearing aids are great. No more batteries. I would recommend to my family and friends, if they need hearing aids to call Zounds.  P.S. the service was great. Thank you all for being so nice.”
- Keither W. of Lex, KY

“The capabilities of Zounds hearing aids are better than I ever thought possible. After seeing all the problems that my father had with his hearing aids, I was hesitant to take a chance on any product. I am thrilled that Zounds is the brand I chose. I am extremely impressed with the Zounds sound quality, technology, and even the service at the store is top notch.”- Robert C. of St. Petersberg, Florida

“A friend at my retirement community kept recommending Zounds and now I know why. I have finally found a hearing aid that always works for me. I wear my Zounds hearing aid constantly and the fact that it is so easily recharged is such an added bonus. Best of all, with Zounds, I no longer feel isolated. In the past, I had been left out of conversations with family and friends because I couldn’t always hear what was being said. With Zounds, I am back in the middle of everything.”- Martin B. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Zounds. Their product is the most innovative hearing aid out there! Having aids that come with a personal remote control and that are rechargeable is a blessing. All we have to do is put them in the base to charge overnight and they are ready to go by the morning, so it’s easy to use. Zounds is just a wonderful company that really understands its customers.”- Beverly G. of West Palm Beach, Florida

“Zounds has brought the joy of hearing back into my life. To be able to hear many of the little things people take for granted, like the sound of the wind blowing or falling raindrops, is a wonderful experience. On top of that, their
customer service is highly courteous and knowledgeable.“-Raymond O. of Phoenix, Arizona

“Before Zounds, no other hearing aid had let me talk on the phone without squealing & feedback. Zounds changed all
of that. The sound quality is amazing and I really appreciate the flexibility with the remote control and settings. It’s so good to speak with my grandkids on the phone and hear everything that they are saying.”-Gerald M. of Plant City, Florida

“I had three previous hearing aids and became convinced that none of them would ever perform at a high level. This
all changed when I tried Zounds. I no longer have to look at someone when they talk because I can hear everything. Besides the sound quality, all the added features are simply unbelievable. I actually made my brother get his own pair and he’s now a Zounds fan too.”- Marshall S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Before I looked into Zounds, despite my existing hearing aids, my hearing loss kept interfering with my everyday life. Zounds has shown me how much I was really missing. I am grateful for this product and recommend it to all my friends with hearing problems.”- Doris H. of Orlando, Florida

“I am really thankful that my brother recommended Zounds to me. Hearing loss has a way of sneaking up on you and wearing Zounds immediately showed me how much I was missing. It’s so great to hold an entire conversation again. My brother and I plan on getting Zounds hearing aids for our 96 year old mother now!”- Donald S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Growing up, my family did not have the money for hearing aids, so I had to get by with reading lips. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what the price of Zounds was and even more shocked when I heard what an immediate difference these hearing aids made in my life. I can finally hear everything my husband says, along with all my coworkers. Best of all, no more reading lips!”- Mildred B. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania